GCSE TRiple & Trilogy science

Here at Baysgarth we study the AQA curriculum for both the Triple Separate Sciences and the Trilogy Combined Science Courses. This course begins in term 3 of Year 9

Triple students use one of their option blocks to study this course and due to the extra content and study time, students will be awarded a grade for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 

Trilogy students will be awarded 2 grades at the end of their course. 

Triple & Trilogy


The AQA SOL fits seamlessly into our 5 year curriculum, Each topic studied has synoptic links to build on prior learning in year 7-9 and allows for frequent retrieval of knowledge and skills which enables students to build their mental models and ensures deeper, long lasting learning takes place.  


Homework is set on google classroom each Week A on a Monday. Students have a week to complete it and then it is reviewed in lesson in Week B. The work that is set is a Seneca assignment which is aimed to promote retrieval of previously learnt topics in order to retain their understanding and to prepare them for their synoptic style mocks and final GCSEs


Formal assessments are completed at the end of every topic and for each longer topic there is a mini mid topic assessment as well. These assessments are GCSE exam style tests worth 50 marks. The grades that the students receive are designed to reflect the approximate grade boundaries in which AQA set each year. 

The review and therapy that follows the assessment allows all students to work on their own personal areas of development so they become more confident in these areas.